Keating claims to have created a 340mph supercar


Keating claims to have created a 340mph supercar

A Manchester-based engineering firm claims to have created a new supercar that can hit a top speed of 340mph and smash the 0-60mph sprint time in two seconds flat.

The Keating Bolt is the latest high performance model from Dr Anthony Keating and his team of petrolheads, who have already worked on three previous models – the SKR, the TKR and the ZKR.

A 7-litre LS7 V8 engine that produces around 500bhp in its standard form powers the Bolt but Keating has revealed that its engineers have managed to 640bhp from the huge powerplant.

Quoted kerb weight is also kept to a minimum, with Keating hoping to keep final figures down to around the 1200kg mark but the firm also believes an 800bhp, super lightweight model is also in the pipeline that will hit the 340mph mark.

"There are some XJ220 influences in the car," said Keating.

"We went to see the Jaguar when it was launched. That's where my passion for all things automotive came from."

The Manchester firm says that despite being a low production manufacturer, the £750,000 supercars will not shirk modern safety features such as ABS and mod-cons such as air-con. Customers will also be able to specify any particular detailing they require as the cars are exclusively made to order.

The whopping £750,000 pricetag will put off many but Keating hopes that larger sales volumes and refined production could bring the cost of an entry-level version down to around £150,000 putting it on par with a Porsche 911 turbo S.

A heavily tuned version of The Bolt will hope to set a new record for a production car next year by hitting speeds in excess of 340mph - some 87mph faster than the Bugatti Veyron Super Sports, the current World Record holder.