'Callous' motorist wanted after mowing down mallards


'Callous' motorist wanted after mowing down mallards

Locals have been left angered after a careless motorist deliberately ran down nine mallard ducks in North Yorkshire last week.

This failure to avoid the crossing wild birds occurred on Wednesday just outside of Wilsill near Pateley Bridge, leaving inhabitants of the small village angered and desperate to bring the driver to justice.

According to the North Yorkshire Police, the ducks were seen alive and huddled together at the side of the road just minutes before they were discovered dead in the carriageway.

PC Bill Hickson told the BBC: "This careless and callous incident has angered and upset many local people."

Because the group of mallards could have been easily spotted attempting to cross the busy road, Police say the reckless driver would have had the opportunity to slow down and swerve around them.

But it seems the driver chose not to, running them all down.

"The ducks were clearly visible and the motorist responsible will have had every opportunity to slow down and pass them with care," said PC Hickson.

"This is a terrible example of careless driving and I am urging anyone who can help identify the person responsible to get in touch with the police or Crimestoppers with information."

Deliberately killing or injuring a wild bird is an offence under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 and police are urging anyone who witnessed the slaughtering of the town's ducks to come forward.