New 'super-GATSO' speed camera unveiled


New 'super-GATSO' speed camera unveiled

A new type of speed camera, which can spot up to fifty times more traffic offences than a conventional GATSO camera, is being installed by councils across the country.

Called the ZenGrab LaneWatch Mk2, the newly unveiled piece of kit can not only spot speeding drivers, but those who stop in yellow box-junctions, contravene no entry signs and making illegal right or U-turns.

They are already used across London, where the Traffic Management Act 2004 gives councils there powers to penalise drivers for such offences, but with the Government now reviewing powers for the rest of the country, Zenco – the company behind the new camera – has seen a "surge in interest," according to a spokesman.

Costing £17,000 per unit, the LaneWatch Mk2 features two lenses and night vision. Trials conducted by Westminster Council showed that on two similar stretches of road it caught 1,000 offences over the course of a month, compared to 271 spotted by the regular GATSO system in an entire year.

Unsurprisingly, local authorities are jumping on them, with Manchester installing 15 in the last month, and Nottingham, Glasgow and Medway in Kent all having the cameras in place.

The news has caused concern amongst motoring organisations, which are accusing councils of profiteering from already beleaguered motorists.

Paul Watters from the AA, said: "Sticking up cameras to enforce every minor contravention is bordering on the immoral," reported the Daily Mail.

Labour MP Brian Donohoe also commented: "They are using motorists as a cash cow. There is no other way of looking at it."

Councils are already under fire for fleecing motorists after an RAC Foundation study revealed authorities had made £565million profit from parking charges alone over 2011-12.

Do you think the new cameras are just another money-spinner or a necessary measure to enforce ever-increasing traffic levels? Have your say below.