Mitsubishi hints at special edition Evo X


Mitsubishi hints at special edition Evo X

Mitsubishi is considering reintroducing its high-performance Evo X model, UK managing director Lance Bradley revealed.

While plans are currently in their infancy, Bradley hinted that a new Evo would likely come in the form of a limited-run special edition to mark the company's 40th anniversary next year.

"One of the things we are looking at doing is a special edition of the Evo as part of the celebrations," said Bradley.

The Evo X was previously canned when Mitsubishi announced it was to focus its attention on electric vehicles. However, it seems the giant-killing saloon has been missed.

"We have already had one dealer who wanted to reserve six and said he had already sold two, even though we haven't announced anything yet," continued Bradley, speaking to

"Both I and my finance director want to have one and we've only got one left each!"

Mitsubishi UK is currently in discussion with its Japanese HQ over the feasibility of a limited run edition.

He added: "The likelihood is that we will do a special edition of 40 for the 40th anniversary, but we are still thinking about it. If we get a really good price we will probably do more than 40, it just depends. We are just in the process of trying to sort it out with the factory."

Mitsubishi has already confirmed that an 11th generation model is on the way. However, that car is still some way from becoming a production reality, and is likely to feature a hybrid-electric drivetrain.

This would make it a very different proposition to the rally car-for-the-road theme for which the Evo model line is famed, and is unlikely to appeal to enthusiasts in the same way. We'd wager that any potential reintroduction of the Evo X model would sell out very quickly indeed.