Angry BMW owner takes it out on his own M6


Angry BMW owner takes it out on his own M6

Spend £100,000 on a flagship car from a premium German manufacturer and you'd naturally expect the last word in quality, refinement and engineering.

So did businessman Hadi Pourmohseni when he bought a BMW M6. With a wailing V10 engine and sumptuous interior appointments, it's billed as the ultimate gentleman's express: as happy cruising continents as it is demolishing a good road.

However, much to his frustration, Hadi's M6 has been nothing but a source of problems, exhibiting rattles, vibrations and an unsubtle jolt every time he changed gear.

Obviously, faults like these on such an expensive car could not go on unrectified. Hadi contacted his local dealership and that's when his problems really started.

He spent the best part of four years being passed between BMW Italia and the company's headquarters in Munich, with no one willing to take responsibility for the faults or any associated repairs.

Obviously not one to take things lying down, Hadi decided to highlight his poor treatment by publically destroying the car with an axe and the help of a sledgehammer-wielding mate.

To gain maximum exposure, the location for his wince-inducing attack was none other than the Frankfurt motor show, ensuring BMW heard him loud and clear.

This isn't the first time an angry owner has taken their frustrations out on their car. We recently brought you the story of a Chinese Maserati owner who allowed a gang to total his Quattroporte in response to alleged poor customer service.

Click play below to watch this automotive destruction take place, though we'd advise against it if you've got a particular soft spot for the BMW M6.