24 hour of Le Mans: one team's journey


24 hour of Le Mans: one teams journey

2013's 24 hours of Le Mans was memorable for both good and bad reasons. Audi celebrated its twelfth win in fourteen years, with its diesel-powered R18 racer proving its worth once again. Sadly the famous endurance race was also overshadowed by the death of Danish racing driver Allan Simonsen, when he crashed his Aston Martin Vantage at Tetra Rouge.

His passing highlights the extremes to which both the drivers and teams push themselves in the pursuit of glory. And now, to show how much preparation winning at Le Mans takes, Audi has released a behind the scenes video of its 2013 Le Mans campaign, in association with Michelin tyres.

With interviews of everyone involved in getting the car on the track, from the engineers, the drivers and the guys holding the wheel guns, the video starts a year before Le Mans itself, and shows the teams refinement of the car and their practices in training and at other endurance races including the Spa six-hours in Belgium.

With beautifully shot scenes of racers battling wheel to wheel, punctuated with commentary from a team so clearly dedicated to the win, it's a fitted journal of Audi's victory – with just a hint of Michelin bigging up their undoubtedly superbly engineered tyres.

Click play to watch below.