Video: when drag racing goes wrong


Video: when drag racing goes wrong

It's a simple premise: line two cars up at the start of a long straight, set them off at the same time, see who wins.

Unlike 'real' motorsport, drag racing is often derided as a mindless activity, as invariably it is those who turn up with the biggest weapon that are going to win. After getting their car off the line cleanly, driver skill is limited to not fluffing up gear changes – provided of course the car in question is even a manual.

This video from the Russian Unlimited 500+ drag event shows how inaccurate that preconception can be. With four-wheel-drive, a paddle-operated automatic gearbox and a whole host of computer software designed specifically to keep it in a straight line, you'd think the Nissan GT-R would prove a doddle to drag race, even with its fearsome supercar-slaying reputation. It's not, as it turns out.

With two of the Japanese super-coupes facing off on the sodden drag strip, one gets into difficulty at over 100mph and careers straight into a barrier. Initially launched into the air, before endlessly spinning and coming to rest against a guard rail, the luckless driver doesn't seem bothered – simply getting out, putting her jacket on and making the long walk back to the start line.

Click play below for proof that drag racing does take skill, particularly if you're going to do it the rain.