Ferrari smashed in banger race


Ferrari smashed in banger race

It's not something classic car enthusiasts would approve of and it'll have Enzo Ferrari turning in his grave – but not even sour-faced bosses in Maranello would deny that banger racing a Ferrari Mondial isn't anything other than very cool!

These exclusive pictures, taken by an AOL Cars reader on Saturday night at Stoke's Pre-85 race meeting, show the Italian supercar diced with death – and lost.

Nick Bailey, who took the snaps, said: "It is believed to be the first Ferrari to have banger raced.

"As well as the usual safety modifications required for banger racing, the car's Ferrari engine was replaced with a Honda lump. All other valuable parts were removed from the car that was extremely rotten and only good for scrap."

The Ferrari – which cost £25,000 in 1980 – was driven by Keith Greenwood who had managed to keep the Prancing Horse's entry in the destruction derby secret until the last minute.

Banger racing pitches cars against each other in a battle to the death – with the last one running hailed the winner. Most cars end up in the crusher after the event.

Bailey added: "There is often a lot of competition to race something a bit different in banger racing.

"As a Pre-85 session, there was always going to be some older cars but these were mainly Capris and Cortinas. These guys had managed to keep the Ferrari a secret right up until it arrived, making its appearance even more of a surprise to the spectators and other competitors."

The Mondial became a target for other competitors on the night, many of whom were determined to despatch the Fezza.

"It attracted a lot of attention on and off the track with a fair few cars looking to land a hit on it," said Bailey. "A Lada Riva made an attempt to ram it but missed completely, itself ending up in the Armco."

Unfortunately the Mondial retired with broken steering, but the damage was repairable and Bailey believes it could well appear at another banger race in the near future.

Ferrari Mondial banger racer

Ferrari Mondial banger racer