Twitter user's bike smash joke backfires



A teenager who boasted on Twitter about running over a cyclist has been forced to admit it was a sick joke after the police were called in.

Twitter user Oliver O'Brien – who goes by the handle @OBwilson – used the social networking site on Saturday to claim he'd run down a cyclist in his car.
> "Just knocked a cyclist over! They won't f*** with me again. W******* #cyclists," read the tweet, which we've censored.

Within minutes, O'Brien, believed to be from Sheffield, was on the receiving end of a barrage of abuse. Angry users even tracked down where he worked and demanded he was sacked.

"To all those people who have contacted my workplace and hassles (sic) my boss it has nothing to do with him what happens outside work," read one of O'Brien's tweets.

Another appeared to retract the "joke" about the accident adding: "I'm sorry for those who I offended with that tweet. It was a sick joke to get retaliation from cyclists. I have rang (sic) the police."

South Yorkshire Police later confirmed on its Twitter feed that it had investigated complaints about O'Brien's post.

"After investigating, SYP can confirm the tweet circulating earlier about a cyclist being knocked over was a false report," said the force.

O'Brien is the latest in a string of Twitter users who have got into hot water after posting comments about running down cyclists on the site.

Earlier this year Emma Way posted a similar message about a collision with a cyclist. She has denied driving without due care and attention and is due to face trial on November 19.

Twitter user's bike smash joke backfires