Lone car halts road-resurfacing works


Lone car halts road-resurfacing works

A single parked car has brought road-resurfacing work on a street in Dundee to a halt.

Workers renewing the black-top on Blackness Road in the city's West End have been forced to work around the black Seat Ibiza, which has been parked outside Al-Maktoum College for almost a week.

The new road surface cannot be fully laid down until the car has been removed. The council has no grounds to remove the car itself as it has not been parked illegally.

Speaking to The Courier, a local resident said: "I was walking down the road on Saturday and the car was there surrounded by bollards.

"I thought it was funny that they'd had to tarmac the road around it but I thought the car would get moved and they'd finish off the work.

"I went past yesterday and it was still there. I don't know how they're going to finish off the road if the car doesn't get moved - it's going to look pretty strange."

A spokesman for Al-Maktoum College confirmed that the Seat did not belong to any of its staff or students.

The road works on Blackness road were due to last just ten days, but could be subject to delays if the owner of the car is not traced.

A Dundee City Council spokesman said the works in the area would be completed "as soon as possible".