Armed robbers use Porsche Cayenne as battering ram


Armed robbers use Porsche Cayenne as battering ram

Armed robbers in Sydney have ram-raided a city-centre bank in broad daylight using a high-end Porsche SUV.

Masked men crashed the powerful Cayenne S 4x4 into the ATM machine outside Westpac bank, causing the building's outer wall to collapse.

The gang then entered the bank armed with sledgehammers and baseball bats, and stole cash from frightened tellers.

Leaving the stolen Porsche behind, the robbers escaped in a Subaru saloon car, which was ready and waiting outside with a getaway driver at the wheel.

Luckily no one was injured in the brazen raid, though a number of bank employees were treated for shock by paramedics.

It is not yet known how much cash the gang managed to escape with.

An eyewitness, who was working across the road on a construction site, described the scene: "I saw it go through the window, and came out just as two guys jumped out of the car," reported The Guardian.

He said onlookers stood and watched as men with towels wrapped around their heads ran into the bank and emerged minutes later carrying a bag each.

"Everyone was just shocked," he said.

"You don't really see this every day in the CBD on a Friday.

"But it's Friday the 13th."

One of the sledgehammers has since been recovered by police after being dropped on the pavement outside the bank.

The Porsche Cayenne remains at the scene, though will later be removed for forensic tests.