Drunk motorist drives the wrong way for three miles


Drunk motorist drives the wrong way for three miles

A drunk driver narrowly avoided causing a major road traffic accident after driving the wrong way down Bristol city centre streets for three miles.

John Rixon got into his silver Audi A4 after a night of drinking and smoking Cannabis.

Trying to get back to his home in Wiltshire, the 31-year-old evidently got confused negotiating the city's maze of one-way streets and drove against oncoming traffic, forcing motorists to swerve out of the way.

He eventually crashed into two other cars and was arrested by police who tackled him to the ground after he tried to flee the scene.

Rixon was later found to be nearly twice over the legal drink-drive limit and pleaded guilty to both dangerous driving and driving while over the limit in court.

Handing down a 12-month suspended jail sentence, Mr Richard Smith QC said: "It was a matter of good fortune that you did not cause greater damage or greater injury," reported This is Bristol.

"A large part of the driving was the wrong way. It was a very bad piece of driving.

"However, you are a man of good character, you have no previous convictions, you have always been employed and you have very good qualities.

"It was an unpleasant episode, completely out of character – a catastrophic error."

Rixon was also disqualified from driving for three years and will have to sit an extended driving test if he wants to get his licence back.

Click play below to watch CCTV footage of Rixon's late-night wrong-way drive.