Hyundai cannot afford to sell too many cars


Hyundai cannot afford to sell too many cars

Hyundai cannot afford to sell too many units of its new i10 city car, AOL Cars has learnt.

Speaking at this week's Frankfurt Motor Show, president of Hyundai Motor UK Tony Whitehorn says he will not flood the market with the new i10 just for the sake of customer demand, because it will damage the brand.

"Historically we have been too reliant on our small cars," Whitehorn told us. "We have been selling 20,000 i10s every year since we launched the car in 2008. Back then we sold 57,000 vehicles in total while today we sell 78,000.

"That increment has come through i30, i40 and ix35. We have maintained our small car sales but increased our other products - and that is our strategy as we move forwards."

When pushed on giving a sales figure for the new i10, Whitehorn says customers shouldn't expect there to be tens of thousands of cars available.

"I'm only looking to sell 20,000-25,000 i10s," he said. "We need to increase selling more i40s, ix25s and Santa Fes.

"I don't want to sell 40,000 i10s because that is not healthy."

The all-new Hyundai i10 – which the company hopes will compete with the popular Volkswagen Up! – will reach UK showrooms early next year in five-door guise only.