Stealth 667bhp Volvo humiliates superbike


Stealth 667bhp Volvo humiliates superbike

Long the purveyor of practical boxy estates, Swedish car manufacturer Volvo has transformed its model range over the last decade and is now enjoying its hard earned reputation as a maker of discreet and quality - as well as safe - automobiles.

One thing that Volvo has been lacking in recent years is any performance credentials. The brand has been trying hard to inject some adrenalin with recent Polestar models, but with no reasonably affordable fast Volvo currently available in showrooms, Volvo is still largely thought of as the sensible, thinking man's choice.

However, this is just how many owners like it. A Volvo's ability to blend into the background can prove useful when you're 'making progress', particularly when it's packing an almost unbelievable 677bhp.

Yes, this rather tired looking C70 has got enough power to comfortably monster the best that Mercedes AMG and BMW M division have to offer and, as the video below shows, enough for the rider of a powerful Honda CBR1000 sports bike not to see which way it went.

Not content with leaving the bike for dust, the Volvo driver starts baiting an Audi S6. Engaged in a bit of high speed cat and mouse, the Volvo waits for the German estate to reach its top speed, before casually pulling alongside, then roaring away.

Click play below to watch this crushing humiliation unfold.