Long term report: Renault Twizy


Long term report: Renault Twizy

It was only a matter of time before the health and safety-ists at Blackball Media HQ took umbrage to our car-cum-lawnmower's recharging spot. I thought I'd found the best place to give the Twizy a bit of go-juice – hidden behind a bush, within cable-dangling distance of our office window.

It seemed to be OK for a few months, but then one yellow-jacketed busy-body decided they'd had enough of reading the Daily Mail and that it was about time to justify their position and stick their hairy nostrils in.

I'm quite glad it wasn't me that had to deal with said interferer when he knocked on the office door.

"You can't plug that car in here, the, er, electrics won't cope," claimed the ignorant one with the bald head and penchant for cooking fish for his tea (can you tell we don't get on?).

To translate his long and quite frankly mad rambling into English, he thought plugging an electric car into the office would blow a fuse or cause a fire. The fool.

Despite the team explaining it was no different plugging a car with a three-prong plug into the socket than a toaster (which I later suggested he poked with a knife) he wasn't having any of it. Within minutes, angry badge-checker was joined by important-looking landlord types who promptly banned our Twizy from refueling on its favourite grassy knoll.

But it's not all bad news – the M&S shiny suited people have since found us a garage on the site that we can use to store and charge the Twizy. Handy. I'm still trying to work out how the sockets are any different to those in our office, but thought better of mentioning it...

The Knowledge

Model: Renault Twizy Colour
Price: £8,810 as tested
Engine: Asynchronous electric motor
Power: 17bhp
Max speed: 50mph
0-28mph: 6.1 seconds
Emissions: Zero
Costs this month: None