Obama's 27-strong vehicle entourage closes Swedish motorway


Obama's 27-strong vehicle entourage closes Swedish motorway

Barack Obama's visit to Stockholm on Wednesday required an entire stretch of motorway to be shut down so his 27 vehicle convoy and police motorcycle escorts could pass through undisturbed.
> The President's personal limousine, dubbed 'The Beast', blended into the long line of black vehicles as it trundled away from the airport towards the Swedish Prime Minister's residence, Sager House.

Many countries made sure their routes were clear prior to the President's visit but Sweden clearly went the extra mile and closed off one of the most important routes into the capital.

According to local news reports, the route was free from protestors and instead, small groups of fans gathered at the side of the road to get a glimpse of one of the most famous faces in the world.

The President's motorcade, as it is named in the United States, typically contains at least 16 vehicles, including an ambulance, several press cars, a communications van, a counter assault team, vehicles containing the secret service and a spare decoy car that can be used in emergencies.

Local police are also required to act as out runners to ensure the road ahead is blocked off from the general public ensuring Obama's limo can pass through without interference.

Back in 2011, Obama's entourage famously caused a stir when the 9-tonne Presidential limo got stuck as it exited the US embassy in Dublin.

Video footage soon went viral but security was quick to block the scene and save any red faces.

You can see the full image of Obama's impressive vehicular convoy below

Obama's 27-strong vehicle entourage closes Swedish motorway