Man says thieves can keep his SUV if they return his pet pug


Man says thieves can keep his SUV if they return his pet pug

A man has appealed to thieves who stole his SUV to return his pet pug that happened to be sitting inside it at the time of the theft.
> Doug Clark, from Springfield, Missouri has pleaded for the safe return of his pet and even said that the thieves can keep the car if his pug, Dugout, is returned to the family unharmed.

Mr Clark had driven his black Nissan Pathfinder to McCoy's Iron and Metal in Springfield where he popped in to recycle a broken child's trampoline.

He left the car running with the air conditioning on and ventured inside while Dugout the pug remained in the car.

Just a few minutes later, he exited the scrap metal yard to see his black SUV screeching off into the distance.

The thieves – thought to be a couple – were ahead of Mr Clark in the queue at Mccoy's Iron and Metal and have subsequently been caught on camera, the evidence from which has been passed on to police.

But Mr Clark is so desperate to have the family pet returned home, he has been campaigning on Facebook, releasing images of Dugout and encouraging people to share his messages.

"I know it's just a car, but man (and woman) that was my dog," he wrote beneath an image of him holding the vehicle's registration document.

"You don't mess with a guy's dog." He added:

He also wrote: "I sure would like to meet you guys, you seem like fun-loving people. I have an idea. You two just keep the ride. I'll meet you with the title to make your life easier. All you gotta bring is an alive Pug."

Man says thieves can keep his SUV if they return his pet pug

McCoy's Iron and Metal said in a statement released by KY3 News that they expressed their sympathies to the family. "We have turned over all surveillance footage as well as suspect information to the Springfield Police Department," it said.

"While Springfield PD has requested that we do not share suspect information to any victims, we are doing everything possible to cooperate with the investigation."