Lithuanian lorry driver jailed for 'worst piece of driving' PC had ever seen


Lithuanian lorry driver jailed for 'worst piece of driving' PC had ever seen

Kestutis Ruplaukis, 53, from Lithuania has been jailed for drink driving after police officers spotted him weaving across the eastbound carriageway of the A14 between Northamptonshire and Huntingdon at midnight on Sunday.

The officers in pursuit followed the driver for several miles, filming his antics on a dash-mounted camera before pulling him over where it is reported the driver attempted to kick the officers.

Pc John Mayor, said in his statement that someone "could have been killed".

He said: "It was possibly the worst piece of driving I have ever witnessed.

"I'm sure if the driver had not been stopped we would have had an horrific accident which would have seriously injured or killed someone."

A member of the public first spotted Ruplaukis, who has been a professional driver for 20 years, swerving across the road at 11.56pm on Sunday.

The concerned motorist reported his actions to police who eventually called out back-up to straddle lanes on the motorway so no other drivers could overtake the out of control lorry.

Appearing at Cambridge Magistrates' Court on Monday, Ruplaukis offered no explanation or excuses for his actions, simply nodding and repeating "I'm guilty" from the dock.

Paul Brown, prosecuting, added: "When one officer put his foot on the first step [of the cab], the driver kicked out with some force – narrowly missing the police constable's head."

"He then resisted arrest by bear-hugging the steering wheel."

Officers resorted to using a PAVA spray into the eyes of the culprit in order to bring him under control.

Eventually, a breath test was carried out where Ruplaukis registered 97 microgrammes of alcohol per 100 millilitres of breath. The legal limit is 35.

Derek Manning sentenced Ruplaukis to 20 weeks in custody and revoked his driving licence for 36 months, saying: "You were nearly three times the drink-driving limit and you were driving a long HGV vehicle on one of the most dangerous roads in England, the A14.

"A tremendous amount of credit must go to the police officers who managed to stop you before you caused considerable damage or killed someone."

You can watch the police footage below