Private island offered for Ferrari Enzo


Private island offered for Ferrari Enzo

Ever fancied owning your own island? Well now you're in luck! Provided you currently drive a Ferrari Enzo...

In one of the stranger adverts to appear on US classifieds website Craigslist recently, the owner of a private island off the coast of Port Orange, Florida, is offering it in exchange for Ferrari's exclusive top-flight supercar.

The three-acre plot sits in an inter-coastal tidal break, meaning it's protected from the ravages of the Atlantic ocean.

The uninhabited island has been surveyed and offers buyers the possibility of building their dream home, with building permission having already been granted.

It's also just a stones-throw away from Daytona beach and just an hour's drive away from the theme parks of Orlando, making it ideal for any family man harbouring Tracey Island fantasies.

However, if you are a supercar owner, we'd advise caution before jumping at the deal, as with no roads connecting the island to the mainland, there's little hope of using it to get about.

If you're currently between Ferraris, the vendor will also accept cash to the tune of $1.2million.

If you happen to own a Ferrari Enzo, and fancy shopping it in for a private island getaway, you can check out the original ad on Craigslist here. Though we would advise getting your car valued first, as it's likely to be worth much than the asking price of this island paradise.