Drink-drive mother lashes out at police


Drink-drive mother lashes out at police

A mother of two has been jailed for six months after attacking officers who were trying to rescue her after she crashed her car while drunk.

32-year-old Emma Griffiths, who had already been banned from driving for three years, attempted to flee from officers who had noticed her driving erratically.

However, in her inebriated state she managed to clip a kerb, which sent her car flying into a phone box.

The officers who had been pursuing her rushed to the crash scene, fearing someone had been seriously injured. They were confronted by Griffiths, who had managed to climb out of a window and had begun swinging a metal pole at them.

Griffiths continued her violent actions, despite leaving her passenger trapped in the smouldering wreckage of her car

Officers eventually had to tackle the vexed mum to the ground after she attempted to bite one of them on the backside.

Addressing Manchester Magistrates' court, Kerry Bell, prosecuting, said: "Later she managed to slip out of one of her handcuffs and attempted to bite an officer on the bottom and scratched his colleague on both wrists."

Griffiths later admitted drink driving, driving with no licence or insurance, careless driving and assault on police.

Handing down a six-month jail sentence, District Judge Duncan Birrell said: "It's nothing short of miraculous that you and your passenger were not killed. In my estimation you were driving at high speed and incapable of controlling the car.

"The way you treated the police trying to help you was disgraceful and I would be failing in my public duty if I didn't send you to prison."

On top of her custodial term, Griffiths was also banned from driving for five years.