Chechen president in online speeding film


Chechen president in online speeding film

A video has been posted on the official Instagram account of Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov, allegedly showing the leader to be driving in excess of 150mph.

The short clip, which appears to be filmed by the driver, shows the car's speedometer reaching 241km/h – more than twice the country's motorway speed limit.

Another clip, posted at the same time, shows the car passing an entrance gate to the President's home village of Tsentaroy.

The video has caused outrage in Chechnya, with calls for the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate to bring Kadyrov to account. Unfortunately, Russian traffic police have since released a statement saying that it was impossible to clearly identify the vehicle or the driver from the footage.

The film is likely to prove embarrassing for the President, as he had recently described those who break traffic laws "as bad as terrorists".

However, Kadyrov is clearly seeing the funny side, having since posted a picture to his Instagram account of him riding a horse and joking that he'd taken to riding after having his driving licence seized.