Harrowing moment speedway driver struggles to escape burning car


Harrowing moment speedway driver struggles to escape burning car

Speedway driver Michael Stofflet narrowly escaped with his life after the car he was piloting flipped mid-race and caught fire.

The alarming video footage comes from a mounted camera that was filming Friday's heat at Mahoning Valley Speedway in Pennsylvania.

The driver can be seen navigating a tight bend when the vehicle flips onto its side, trapping the keen racer inside.

Marshals can then be seen rushing to the accident where racer Michael alerts them to the huge pool of fuel that is spewing from the stricken speedway car.

Just as Michael appears to be freeing himself from the plethora of safety restraints, the puddle of petroleum catches a spark and goes up in flames.

The commentary from the panicked driver makes for some fairly uncomfortable viewing but miraculously he managed to escape unharmed.

Michael posted on his YouTube channel: "I am ok. It happened during the heat, we got it back in the pits and me and my crew got it back together."

The keen petrolhead then revealed that his crew managed to not only fix the car up but also get it back out on track where it "ran well" and ended up finishing in fifth position overall.

Watch the video below