Roads disruption expected in wake of nationwide demonstrations


Roads disruption expected in wake of nationwide demonstrations

Direct action group UK Uncut has warned that there will be disruption to traffic, as it plans to block roads as part of its nationwide protests against cuts to legal aid.

The protests, which are scheduled for October 5, come in the wake of a Government announcement to limit the funding available for free legal representation.

UK Uncut is encouraging others to organise similar protests. It is not yet clear which routes will be affected.

Sarah Price of UK Uncut said: "The changes in legal aid are an assault on the poorest and most vulnerable in our society. By insisting on these so-called 'cuts', the Government takes away our ability to challenge their decisions, allowing them to cut deeper and without the legal challenge.

"Yet these changes are not about saving money: they are designed to rip away the foundations of the democratic system, making the weak and vulnerable voiceless."

Lynn Jacobs, a UK Uncut supporter, said: "I will be supporting this action because I have already seen the impact of legal aid changes. I fled an abusive relationship and was not sure what to do to protect myself.

"Because of the changes to legal aid, I could not afford get a court order to protect myself from my ex-partner."

A Ministry of Justice spokesman responded to these criticisms, saying: "Even after our proposed reforms we would still have one of the most generous legal aid systems in the world - spending around £1.5 billion a year on legal advice for those most in need of it.

"We want to concentrate the limited money we have on helping those cases and people who need it most. This is why we ensured domestic violence victims remained eligible when we reformed legal aid in April."