Video: Cyclist knocks himself out


Video: Cyclist knocks himself out

It's an issue that stirs debate amongst motorists and cyclists alike: whether bikes should be on the pavement instead of the roads.

With the two sides coming to loggerheads increasingly frequently – as our recent story on a Lamborghini vs cyclist face-off demonstrates – it would seem a simple solution to just allow cyclists the use of the pavements, something which is illegal under current legislation.

However, while it would certainly end a lot of the tailbacks currently endured by motorists, limiting cyclists to the pavement would endanger the most vulnerable party on the road: pedestrians – something which has already led to the death of a teenage girl and the prosecution of a cyclist for dangerous cycling in 2008.

It would seem there is no quick solution to the problem, though recent footage has emerged – yes, it's those Russian dash-cams again – which would likely dissuade any proponent of the cycling on the pavement idea.

Piling along the pavement, approaching a pedestrian crossing, this unlucky peddler doesn't notice a street sign until it's too late.

Click play below and prepare to wince in sympathy as the inevitable happens, leaving the cyclist knocked out cold on the floor.