The best cars from the best dealers


The best cars from the best dealers

As you may have spotted, results from this year's JD Power Dealer Satisfaction Survey saw Jaguar take the top spot for a second year running in the customer satisfaction stakes with Lexus and Honda close behind. Now we know who the best dealers are, here's a round up of what we think is their best offerings...



Jaguar's British executive saloon has been a regular sight on UK roads since it went on sale back in 2008. It's no surprise that the signature model is often spotted on the motorways, with its comfortable interior and the 3.0-litre V6 petrol engine, which can go from 0-60mph in 5.7 seconds.


The F-Type is the latest two seater sports car from the British marque and it has won the hearts of everyone who has driven it so far. It's available with an entry-level V6, V6 S or the full-blown V8 S engine, all of which produce an exhaust note that never gets boring.



The Lexus IS is one of the Japanese brand's sportier numbers, while still trying to squeeze as much luxury and top tech as possible. What's more, the IS 300h does this using hybrid power, making it kind to environment too.


The LS is possibly one of the largest cars you'll spot on the road. In particular the LS 600h, which has been labeled the most powerful hybrid saloon in the world. The space it offers its passengers is so vast, you could mistake it for your living room.



The Japanese brand's Civic is definitely in a league of its own, and the closest rival to the Ford Focus and VW Golf - especially the sporty Type-R. Now in its ninth generation, the humble Civic has been a popular hot hatch among those looking for solid workmanship at a good price, and it will probably remain that way for generations to come.


Honda's Jazz is a top car not just for the younger generation of drivers, but for the more experienced motorist who fancies a sturdy car that will get them happily from A to B. It might not be the best looking hatch on the market but its affordability, reliability and Honda's excellent customer service make it a wise purchase.

The best cars from the best dealers

The best cars from the best dealers