Vauxhall Monza concept to storm Frankfurt motor show


Vauxhall Monza concept to storm Frankfurt motor show

Vauxhall is set to lift the lid on a sleek new concept at the Frankfurt motor show later next month and it hopes to wow the crowds with its sharp styling and groundbreaking interior LED displays and dials.

Dubbed the Monza (a nod to the Opel Monza of old that was an early adopter of LCD instrument clusters) the concept will feature a single projection surface instead of a typical dashboard in a hope to show off interiors of the future.

Onboard technology is equally impressive, with a raft of Smartphone connectivity features that allow the driver to head online with a few simple swipes. There is also the ability to connect to other cars, hinting at a future of autonomous driving.

The Monza concept has been designed to host an array of futuristic powertrains, including electric, hybrid and even compressed natural gas (CNG).

The car on display at Frankfurt will be fitted with a new-generation three-cylinder 1.0 SIDI turbo engine that uses CNG to act as a range-extender for the all-electric drive.

The exterior design is highly unlikely to feature on a production car any day soon but that hasn't stopped Brit designer Mark Adams from letting his imagination run wild. "This is the next bold step along our journey into the future, but at the same time we show that we have established a consistent design in which people can build trust," said Adams, head of Opel/Vauxhall Design.

Vauxhall Monza Concept

Vauxhall Monza Concept

The concept's swooping lines are said to be influenced by "ocean waves lapping on the shore" and the cinched waist is said to represent the "lean physique of a greyhound, running as if on tip-toes with powerful elegance."

Make of that what you will but the luggage compartment will be around the 500 litre mark and Vauxhall claims there is the same sort of passenger head and leg room as a mid-sized car, so it is practical if a little pretentious.

The Monza concept will be on display at the Frankfurt motor show from September 12-22. Check back for more information.