Brand new Ferrari F12 smashed to pieces in Dubai


Brand new Ferrari F12 smashed to pieces in Dubai

A spanking new Ferrari F12 Berlinetta with just 60 miles on the clock lays smashed up and covered in sand in a junkyard in Dubai after the driver totalled the rear section.

The car, which is powered by a mighty 6.3-litre V12 engine and costs upwards of £300,000, was spotted and photographed in Dubai by a passing car nut that clearly realised the value and rarity of such a fine machine.

This isn't the first exotic F12 to see an early grave as German news site reported a nasty collision earlier this year that saw a Berlinetta lose control and smash into a guard rail, destroying the front end and causing a small number of Ferrari fans to weep across the globe.

According to the Germans news site, the Ferrari was just three weeks old.

The first F12 Berlinetta to require a visit to the panel beaters was courtesy of a Chinese owner who experienced a low speed rear-end shunt with an SUV. The Fezza suffered a buckled bonnet and severely scraped front end.

There is no news as to what will happen to the Nero Pastello Ferrari F12 Berlinetta that lies in a state of disrepair in the UAE but if the stereotype of the careless, super rich owner is upheld, it will likely be left in the sand to rust.

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