Mini enthusiast spied on fellow car lovers' sexual encounters


Mini enthusiast spied on fellow car lovers' sexual encounters

A Mini enthusiast has been placed on the sex offenders' register after he admitted recording fellow Mini fans while they were having sex.

Philip Maine, 40, placed hidden cameras in hotel rooms while at Mini events in order to film his friends without their knowledge.

After avoiding a prison sentence for his actions, he apologised to his victims.

"I made a mistake and I got caught; I'm glad I got caught." he said. "I've lost a lot of friends. I'm just very sorry for the pain and anguish I caused."

Maine's covert recordings were discovered when a camera he'd placed in a friend's bedroom was found during a dinner party.

Police then discovered another camera elsewhere in his home, and even a mini-camera on his person.

They also found 23 images of women on Maine's laptop. Maine also confessed to having recorded footage of people in hotel rooms while they were away at Mini meets, as well as filming up women's skirts in a supermarket.

In an interview with the Birmingham Mail, Maine said: "I hurt a lot of people. have to keep my head down, pay my dues, get on with work and life and try to rebuild trust."

In addition to signing the sex offender's register, Maine has been ordered to undergo a treatment programme and pay £340 court costs.

Passing sentence, judge Marten Coates told him: "The worst thing about this case is the psychological distress you have caused to your victims.

"The public would say you deserve to go to prison, but the maximum sentence is very short indeed, and this is not the worst category of seriousness."

Liz D'Olivera, defending, said that Maine had bought the cameras for legitimate purposes, and was "extremely remorseful".