Car crash football manager awakes from coma after his team wins


Car crash football manager awakes from coma after his team wins

A football team manager who was put into a coma following a car accident has woken up after hearing his team had won its first game of the season.

33-year-old Wayne Thorne was put into a medically induced coma after suffering severe head injuries following a head-on collision.

His family had been urged by doctors to keep talking to him in an effort to bring him round from his unconscious state.

To their amazement, when his wife Mandy told him that his Larkhall Athletic team had won their first game in the Western Football League Premier Division, Wayne almost immediately opened his eyes.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, his wife said: "Football and sport and being active, that has been his life, so when he was in his coma we were told to talk to him.

"On the first Saturday Larkhall had a game and me and his brother told him the score and he opened his eyes.

"I know studies have shown that they can hear you and me and his brother truly believe he heard us.

"It was brilliant to see, because he absolutely loves his football and is so dedicated to Larkhall Athletic."

Doctors have described Mr Thorne as "lucky to be alive", after suffering a punctured lung, broken sternum and a shattered pelvis amongst a catalogue of other injuries.

He also underwent major heart surgery as hospital staff battled to keep him alive.