Bus driver sacked for trimming nails at wheel


Bus driver sacked for trimming nails at wheel

A bus driver from Singapore has been sacked after being filmed cutting his nails while at the wheel by a shocked passenger.

The short film clip was reportedly taken on the number 858 bus from Singapore's Changi Airport, where a passenger noticed the driver regularly checking his fingernails.

Aware of the danger the reckless driver was putting his passengers in, the shaken onlooker pulled out a mobile phone and filmed his exploits.

The film below quite clearly shows the driver frequently looking at his nails as he steers the bus with the palm of his hands.

He then appears to trim his fingernails with a small set of clippers. According to The Metro, the driver - who hasn't been identified - was dismissed by his employers as a result of the video.

"We have investigated the incident and have taken appropriate disciplinary action against the bus captain. He was dismissed immediately," said a spokesman for bus operator SMRT.

"We would like to stress that passenger safety is our priority, and our bus captains are constantly reminded and encouraged to observe safe driving habits while on the roads."