Video: Man builds amazing Knight Rider replica


Video: Man builds amazing Knight Rider replica

Utter the words "Knight" and "Rider" in front of anyone and the first thing that will spring to mind is KITT, the amazing black Trans Am complete with strobing red light and the voice of William Daniels.

The video below offers viewers an insight into the life of one man who has made it his mission to create the perfect replica of KITT so he can travel around like Michael Knight on his daily commute.

The car is a highly modified Trans AM GTA that has had nearly three years of hard labour invested into it. The result is not only an interior that looks exactly like KITT in the first series of the 1980s TV show but and exterior that is also utterly convincing.

For some reason, the diehard Knight Rider fan isn't named in the video but that hasn't stopped us wanting one of his excellent creations.

Take a look at the clip below and reminisce about brown leather jackets and bouffant hair-dos.