Stricken car remains wedged in house four months after crash


Stricken car remains wedged in house four months after crash

A woman has been forced to abandon her home after a car left the road in Coats, North Carolina and slammed into her front room.

The stricken Pontiac Grand Prix remains there to this day, some four months after the accident, much to the bemusement of the house owner and neighbours.

Stephanie Beasley said the car crashed into her home on East Main Street on July 4 when the driver and his passenger overshot a hairpin curve in front of the house.

"The whole house shook. I could feel it shake as soon as we heard the bang," Beasley told WRAL News on Wednesday, recalling that she then heard an engine rev and saw the rear lights of the vehicle in her side garden.

"I happened to turn around at the front door and noticed the whole house was coming apart."

Beasley, her fiancé and his 3-year-old son were uninjured, but the house was knocked off its foundations.

Police say the driver of the out of control vehicle was travelling at around 50mph when he left the road - dubbed "dead man's curve" by locals - but he was charged with driving while impaired, reckless driving and injury to real and personal property.

Beasley is still unsure as to why the car remains lodged in the house that is owned by her grandma. Insurance adjusters and contractors have surveyed the damage but haven't decided whether to demolish the house or allow for repairs.

When quizzed on whether or not she would return to the house once it is repaired, she said: "I don't plan on living here again. It's scary."