Clarkson's Jaguar goes under the hammer


Clarkson's Jaguar goes under the hammer

A Supercharged Jaguar XJR that was once owned by Top Gear's loudmouth presenter will go under the hammer with an estimated price of around £3,500.

The black V-reg luxury car was never actually registered to the opinionated presenter but instead remained the property of Jaguar and loaned on a long-term basis for review purposes.

That didn't stop Jezza referring to his Jag as his 'beloved' set of wheels and regularly pouring his heart out in various motoring columns during the loan period.

Despite Clarkson's gushing praise for the XJR, he still managed to slip a bit of characteristic moaning into a few columns. "Black cars cannot achieve that all-over scum effect so, when it's dirty, it just looks awful," he cursed.

"I have to clean it and in a morning, when the dew has evaporated, it's coated once more in dust. So I have to clean it again.

"In a month, I've spent 42 hours driving it and 420 hours washing it and I cannot even begin to tell you what a chore this is."

This also isn't the first time Top Gear has used the services of Anglia Car Auctions - the auction house that is selling the Jaguar - as four years ago Hammond, Jeremy and May visited the site and purchased three classic vehicles that would later compete in a rally challenge to feature in the show.

The 1999 XJR has a guide price of £2,500 to £4,500 but is sure to attract interest from a number of potential buyers.

Interested parties should head to the King's Lynn auction house's classic sale on Saturday 24th August to bag a slice of Clarkson's car collection.