Trio narrowly escapes injury in Cadillac smash


Trio narrowly escapes injury in Cadillac smash

CCTV cameras have captured the moment when three men got out of a car just seconds before it was hit by a runaway Cadillac.

Daniel Archuleta had parked his Ford Flex SUV after giving his son and a friend a lift to the store. Had he done so just moments later, all three passengers would have been still in the car when it was struck from behind.

Speaking to CBS news, Archuleta said: "He must have been going about 70, easy. When I saw him [his son Matthew] walk out of that smoke, I was relieved. It's a miracle.

"I heard my car get hit and when I finally turned around, I was up against the wall ... and hoping the car wasn't going to hit me."

Police are still trying to determine the cause of the collision, though Mr Archuleta has claimed that a female passenger inside the Cadillac told him the driver was trying to commit suicide and had deliberately crashed into the back of his car.

The Cadillac driver is currently recovering from his injuries in hospital.

Click play below to watch footage of this incredible near miss.