Elderly driver causes off-licence inferno


Elderly driver causes off-licence inferno

If running her car through an off-licence window wasn't bad enough, an elderly US woman found herself trapped by a raging inferno after the cases of liquor she'd smashed into ignited.

84-year-old Marty Anderson claims the accelerator got stuck on her white BMW as she was driving through a car park, sending the car over a curb and through the store frontage.

Having crashed into several cases of vodka, the liquor ignited almost immediately, trapping her in her car with flames over 5ft tall.

Thankfully, two brave store employees battled through the fire and rescued the woman.

Speaking to WLS news, Fire Chief Patrick Tanner, said: "We believe the vodka she hit, the liquor, actually started the fire. Once she hit that, the car ignited."

The fire started the store's sprinkler system, preventing it from gutting the premises completely before fire fighters arrived to battle the blaze.

The stores owners estimate that around $100,000 worth of liquor went up in smoke. Thankfully, however, no lives were lost and no one was injured in the accident.

Anderson, a 27-year cancer survivor, was rescued by Jack Bambrick, who told ABC News: "She could barely move, so I had to literally pick her up by both arms and take her out of her car seat."

Ironically, the former teacher is teetotal. "I've never had a drink in my life," she said, "but I love chocolate."