Video: The world's first 'energy positive' car


Video: The world's first 'energy positive' car

A team of Dutch scientists has created what they claim to be the world's first energy positive car.

Running on solar power, the electric car – which has been nicknamed Stella – produces more energy from its photovoltaic cells than it uses.

The car can travel 250 miles on battery power alone – comfortably outlasting conventional battery powered vehicles – but thanks to the large solar panels attached to its roof, the maximum range on a sunny day with a full battery is a petrol car-rivalling 420 miles.

Stella's light weight is key to its long range. Constructed from aluminium and carbon-fibre it weighs just 380kg; well over a tonne lighter than currently available battery electric cars.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, team leader Lex Hoefsloot, of Eindhoven University of Technology, said: "Because the car is standing still 90 per cent of the time in front of your house or your office, we found out that in 10 out of the 12 months of the year, the car provided more energy than it uses.

"The car also produces twice the amount of energy needed to drive normal distances and soon our car will be granted a licence plate by the Dutch authorities.

"We strongly believe that the car of the future is much lighter, aerodynamic and more efficient.

"Solar panels are the solution for a sustainable future, and they can increase the range of your car."

As Stella has seating for four, the team is also claiming rights to the title of the world's first solar powered family car – though whether it'd be a practical solution on the school run on a dark mid-winter morning is another matter.

Click play below to see Stella in action