Kerry mayor calls on boy racers to help secluded OAPs


Kerry mayor calls on boy racers to help secluded OAPs

An Irish mayor has come up with an innovative way to tackle nuisance 'boy racers', by suggesting they help the community by giving people in remote areas lifts to the pub, and then driving them home again.

Killarney mayor Councillor Paddy Courtney said that boy racers, with their loud exhausts and car stereos, would be better off indulging their enthusiasm for driving while at the same time providing a valuable community service.

He also suggested that parents need to take more responsibility for their children's driving.

"If they want to be driving these cars, drive properly and mannerly and maybe adopt a friend," he said, talking to

"Take the neighbour to bingo or down to the pub for two pints and take them home.

"Maybe these boy racers and boy racer girls as they are called, maybe they can look at this and say this is an opportunity to show that we can do some good."

It may sound silly, but giving people lifts to the pub could potentially reduce the amount of drink drivers on the roads. It would also give the little nippers something more useful to do, rather than tearing up public recreation areas in their souped up vehicles like this model motorist below.