Builder's favourite Sprinter van gets the 'Pimp My Ride' treatment


Builder's favourite Sprinter van gets the 'Pimp My Ride' treatment

It's an old trick for the celebrity looking to avoid the lens of the tireless paparazzi: ditch the flash wheels for something a tad less showy.

Now, for those celebs looking for the ultimate in inconspicuous transport, US based car customisers Lexani have the answer, with their van-based Reale limousine.

Taking a Mercedes Sprinter van as its base, Lexani have kitted the Reale out to Rolls-Royce standards, including all the luxury trappings that the average Hollywood A-lister just can't live without.

As well as the obligatory electically operated seats and flat-screen TV, owners will be able to brew a fresh cup of Joe thanks to a hidden coffee machine. Gold-gilded buttons and switches operate folding tables and the van can keep a favourite bottle of bubbly chilled thanks to its large fridge.

There's even a separate en-suite bathroom, for a crafty number-two away from the prying lenses of the world's media.

For those more concerned about security than mobile convenience, the Reale can also be ordered with armour to B6 specification, meaning it will withstand fire from even larger assault rifles.

The exterior remains commendably discreet, with just the black paintwork giving the van a sinister enough edge to dissuade passers-by from peering into the heavily tinted windows.
If it were ours, we would complete the deception by basing it on a heavily rusted older Sprinter van, complete with a 'No tools left in this vehicle overnight' sticker.

Click play below for a video walkthrough of the Lexani Reale's amazing interior.