Long term report: Volvo XC60


Long term report: Volvo XC60

Our trusty XC60 is becoming somewhat of a star at AOL Cars towers, not just because it will happily transport anyone pretty much anywhere in comfort but also because it has taken centre stage in a variety of videos we have been creating recently.

When it was not having its tyres inspected by a chap from the Institute of Advanced Motorists, it was peppered with tiny cameras and forced to film beautiful moving shots of other vehicles.

The XC60 seems to excel at most tasks thrust in its direction – the superb chassis and forgiving suspension set-up meant it provided a stable shot when decked out in cameras and its cavernous boot and stowage area with rear seats folded flat ensured all equipment was safely stored away.

When not called upon to cart around electronic goods, it was happily transporting various staff members to meetings, weekend holiday destinations and one funeral.

On that morbid note, the Seashell Metallic paintjob (it's definitely not beige) is perfect for that sort of occasion, not too flashy as to draw attention but with enough style to prompt the odd appreciative nod from long lost relatives.

Our big Volvo is due to be returned soon and it really will be sorely missed, not only for its comfy leather seats and road dominating ride height but also because we will have to find a cupboard to store all of our camera equipment.

It has covered a fair few miles in the couple of months we have held the keys and not once given us any problems. The fuel range readout is still a minor nuisance; constantly jumping from "plenty of miles left" to "pull over now!" but everything else has worked effortlessly.

We would consider adding some roof bars if the XC60 was with us for longer as a couple of members of staff have recently bought sea kayaks to enjoy the sunny spells and calm waters but amazingly, the chunky 4x4 happily swallows at least one without strapping it to the roof.

The knowledge

Model: Volvo XC60 D5 SE Lux Nav
Price: £40,250 as tested
Engine: 2.4 Diesel
Power: 212bhp
Max speed: 127mph
0-60mph: 7.8 seconds
MPG: 41.5mpg
Emissions: 179 g/km CO2
Costs this month: £0
Miles this month: 400