Is this the worst promotional video ever?


Is this the worst promotional video ever?

Advertising agencies spend millions of pounds and hundreds of man-hours coming up with creative concepts that capture the attention of audiences and gets the brand name talked about in pubs and at the workplace.

Obviously Mercedes-Benz were tightening the purse strings when it came to creating this promotional video that advertises the benefits of Mercedes servicing.

Rather than featuring fancy CGI, comedic content or a cutting-edge soundtrack, the German marque opts for cheesily-posed static images and a jingle that is so gag-inducing, we suggest you have a sick bag to hand when you watch it.

It's likely the video was solely for internal use only but Mercedes made the error of uploading it to its global YouTube channel where cheeky websites could easily pilfer it and take the Mickey.

So here it is, the worst song ever committed to film (lyrics include: "You only give your best/ won't stop until I smile/ You're better than the rest/ Accept my special style.") set to the worst picture gallery in history.


Thanks to Carthrottle for the tip