Spanish fake Ferrari gang busted


Spanish fake Ferrari gang busted

Spanish police have broken up a fake car racket, in which ordinary vehicles were dressed up to look like Ferrari sports cars to con unwitting online buyers out of their cash.

Officers raided two garages near the city of Valencia where the counterfeit conversions were carried out.

Eight people were arrested on suspicious of converting and selling on the cars. 19 vehicles were also seized, including 17 knock-off Ferraris – mostly replica F430 models – and two imitation Aston Martins.

The donor vehicles the gang used have not been confirmed, but with one car fitted with a Toyota engine, it seems likely that many of the fake Ferraris were dressed up Toyota MR2s, which is a popular model used by legitimate replica builders.

A police statement said: "The supposed deluxe cars were advertised on two websites for about 40,000 euros (£35,000), compared to the more than 200,000 euros that an authentic model would cost on the legal market.

"The final appearance of the supposed deluxe vehicles – in their external and internal design and even in the details of the engine – simulated to perfection the look of the original models."

The gang was said to have formed the svelte fake body panels themselves out of fibreglass and even went to the trouble of recreating the detailing of engine bays, wheels and brake calipers to complete the deception.