Lucky holidaymaker survives as quad bike plunges 700ft off cliff


Lucky holidaymaker survives as quad bike plunges 700ft off cliff

As holiday horror stories go, it doesn't get much worse than losing control of a rented quad bike and heading straight for the nearest sheer drop.

But Katie Fish, a drama teacher from Bristol, made an extremely lucky escape after she hurtled off a cliff while riding a quad bike on the isle of Gozo, near Malta.

Katie, 24, had her fall broken by a 10ft rocky outcrop but the quad bike continued to roll 700ft to the sharp rocks and sea below.

Sam Kirby, Katie's fiancé, was convinced the love of his love was dead after he witnessed her lose control of the quad bike and veer off the edge of the cliff.

But when Sam rushed to her aid, he found Katie lying unconscious on the rocky ridge. He then rushed her to hospital.

Drama teacher Katie, who escaped with just cuts and bruises, told The Sun: "We were driving along the edge of the cliff. I'm not sure what happened next.

"The only thing I can remember was waking up with people shouting at me. The next thing I remember is being at hospital and being taken for scans and x-rays.

"I feel very lucky to be alive." Tennis coach Sam, 26, said: "I was behind Katie on my quad. I looked up and all I could see was her bike flying about 15ft up through the air.

"I assumed she was dead. It was awful. I can't understand how she survived."