Tow-truck driver removes car with children inside


Tow-truck driver removes car with children inside

A Texas man has been arrested after his car was towed away with his children still inside.

Houston resident Victor Ruiz had parked outside his house with the intention of quickly nipping in to drop off some shopping, leaving his car running with his two young daughters inside.

Despite being gone for only a minute, his car was pounced on by a lightening-quick tow-truck driver, who removed the car without noticing he kids inside.

The truck driver didn't notice his unexpected passengers until he was two miles away, despite neighbours claiming that they repeatedly warned him that the kids were in the car.

"I'm like wait! Them kids in the car. He snapped the picture and hurry up and sped off with these peoples' cars," said neighbour Shade Jones to US TV station KPRC.

When the truck driver realised his mistake, he pulled over and called police, who arrived and arrested Ruiz for abandoning the children, something that seemed to confuse his neighbour Ms Jones:

'How did he abandon a child if a whole bunch of people was around watching his car?' she asked KPRC.

Mr Ruiz is currently in a Houston jail, with his bail set at $4,000. His children were later returned home.