Video: Passengers miraculously escape massive landslide


Video: Passengers miraculously escape massive landslide

CCTV footage has surfaced that depicts the moment a car in China's Shaanxi Province was caught beneath an enormous landslide that engulfs the vehicle in a blanket of earth and debris.

The car was traversing a mountain pass when the earth above it suddenly gave way, sending tons of mud and stone plummeting to the ground below.

Local witnesses say two men escaped from the car as soon as the initial landslide eased off and a further passenger ran clear of the scene shortly after. The three survivors then went back to the scene to tend to the fourth passenger.

Luckily, none of the car's occupants suffered major injuries.

The freak incident has been attributed to higher than normal rainfall in the area that has caused widespread flooding and major landslides across Shaanxi Province all month.

Also coming a cropper was a cement truck, swallowed whole by a seven-metre deep sink-hole, which appeared in the town of Xian on Saturday.

Again, no one was injured as the driver managed to escape, but it took authorities several hours to remove the stricken lorry.

The video below from Telegraph TV shows the dramatic moment the car was hit by the freak landslide and the extent of the terrible flooding in the area