Watch Kobayashi crash a Ferrari F1 car in Moscow


Watch Kobayashi crash a Ferrari F1 car in Moscow

Showing off isn't cool and we don't think for a minute that the usually quiet and reserved Kamui Kobayashi is actually a show-off.

But in a recent trip to a very damp Russia to promote the country's hosting of Formula 1 next year, the anti-flamboyance Gods struck down young Kamui by stuffing the Ferrari F1 car he was piloting into some metal barriers.

Hats must be tipped to anyone who has the guts to go anywhere near full throttle in a Formula 1 car on a damp and ramshackle road course - complete with tramlines and drain covers - but anyone who pulls donuts, waves at the crowd and goes pedal-to-the-metal on a narrow and rain soaked street is just plain bonkers.

Kobayashi does just that and as a result, the back end snaps wide, the nose hits the Armco, smoke begins to billow from the engine and he is forced to abort his antics and trudge back to the dressing rooms for some Italian hairdryer treatment and a good old cry.

Watch the video below that has been so kindly (or cruelly, depending on your standpoint) released by Ferrari

Thanks to Top Gear for the tip