Car theft victim left fighting for life


Car theft victim left fighting for life

A Yorkshire man has been left in a critical condition in hospital after being attacked by thieves who attempted to steal his car.

Dean Armitage was awoken by the sound of his Land Rover starting outside his home at around 3am on Sunday.

He is thought to have disturbed the thief, who witnesses stated had climbed into the kitchen through a window to retrieve the keys, but was attacked and left with severe head injuries.

The thief was later seen fleeing the scene of the crime, in Hoyland, Barnsley.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, witness and local resident Mrs Whyke, said: "I went over to the bedroom window to see what was going on. I saw someone running off from the direction of the house next door.

"It all happened really quickly, I don't know what they look like at all. It was very dark.

"Dean is a really hard-working man. We don't see much of him because he is always at work, working hard for his family. But when we do see him he is lovely and friendly."

She added that she couldn't believe that such a thing could happen in this "friendly neighbourhood".

Police have yet to comment on the state of the investigation, only confirming that a 49-year-old man was taken to hospital with life-threatening injuries.