Video: Top Gear Magazine creates 130mph lawnmower


Video: Top Gear Magazine creates 130mph lawnmower

It is well reported that The Stig is not one to do things by halves and that includes mundane household chores.

As part of Top Gear Magazine's Speed Week issue, the team of journalistic petrolheads tweaked a Honda lawnmower so it tops 130mph and asked the mysterious man in white to go and trim the lawn.

The video below shows The Stig getting to grips with the powerful grass cutter - that just so happens to sport a massive VTR 1000cc engine – and nicely highlights what a power-to-weight ratio of 520bhp per tonne looks like.

Only Top Gear's resident 'tame racing driver' would have the cojones to stick the pedal to the metal and unleash all 110bhp on a closed circuit during one of the recent sizzling summer days.

The chaps over at Top Gear said: "All we wanted was a mower. Top Gear doesn't do Gardener's Question Time, but if it did, this would be the answer to many, many things."

Take a look at the video bellow and follow this link if you fancy finding out more about the crazy contraption