Hyundai to introduce hydrogen fuel cell cars by 2015


Hyundai to introduce hydrogen fuel cell cars by 2015

The Korean marque has recently revealed that hydrogen-powered cars will be on UK roads as early as 2015.

The vehicles, which are converted ix35 models, will run on hydrogen and battery power, achieving a range of 369 miles on a single tank while doing away with the lengthy charging periods of battery-only vehicles.

Emission-free hydrogen powered motoring will be trialled in London where the innovative ix35s will be integral to testing the London Hydrogen Network Expansion (LHNE).

Hyundai Motor, as a supplier to the LHNE project, will join the existing consortium of companies with expertise in hydrogen transport infrastructure and operation, working to establish the UK's first hydrogen transport network covering London and south east England.

The vehicles will be leased to key public and private fleet users in the capital at first but following the test run, hydrogen fuel cell Hyundai's will be mass-produced for the general public.

The major benefits of this technology include the reduction of 'range anxiety', the re-fuelling time, which takes around three minutes and the zero emissions emitted.

Tony Whitehorn, President and CEO of Hyundai Motor UK, said: "Hydrogen delivers considerable environmental benefits and we are looking forward to working closely with the other partners to drive forward its widespread introduction."

The video below explains in more detail the plan for a hydrogen-fuelled future