Product review: Supertooth HD Voice


Product review: Supertooth HD Voice

The majority of drivers are aware that using a mobile phone behind the wheel can lead to a severe telling off by traffic cops and penalty points on the licence at the very least, or something far more life-shattering at the very worst.

That doesn't mean that valuable time spent away from the hubbub of everyday life needs to be wasted as easy-to-use hands-free kits like this Supertooth HD exist, making those business calls both legal and stress-free.
>What is it?

A slightly strange looking piece of kit that clips to the sun visor of ones car and allows its user to make and receive calls without taking eyes off the road and hands off the wheel. It features an easy-to-use volume wheel, a power button and a manual end/reject and phonebook update button, meaning most functions can be carried out with voice prompts rather than fiddly switches.

What's in the box?

The Supertooth HD unit, a USB cable and a 12V adaptor are the only things found in the box, as well as a refreshingly reedy instruction manual. The Supertooth has opted for the Apple school of electronics that favours simplicity over complicated operating literature and fiddly wires.

What are its features?

Users can make and receive calls using vocal prompts (in 12 different languages, if you so wish) as well as stream music via the small speaker. Up to 8 phones can be paired to the unit and two devices can be connected simultaneously so no more juggling between your personal phone and Blackberry.

Any rivals?

There are many tech companies offering a solution to the hands-free dilemma with the likes of Belkin and Parrot offering stylish aftermarket products. The aforementioned Belkin produces an eye-pleasing AirCast unit that isn't quite as cumbersome as the Supertooth while those looking for a really cheap option could simply pop in the headphones that now come bundled with many smartphones.

Product review: Supertooth HD Voice

What's it like to use?

Extremely easy. Simply activate the Bluetooth on your handset, find the Supertooth and pairing the devices takes just a few seconds. A clear, if slightly robotic female voice guides the user through the rest of the experience. The phone's contacts book can then be uploaded, allowing the user to simply bark names at the unit to activate a call. Answering an incoming call requires a simple 'OK', diverting minimum attention away from the road. The speaker is clear and volume can be pumped high enough to drown out wind noise in convertibles.

The AOL Cars Verdict

The Supertooth may not be the prettiest unit on the market but it's one of the simplest we've used and the battery life is very impressive. The simultaneous pairing of two devices will please many business users and although the speaker is useless at pumping out music, it is extremely clear for voice calls. The performance of the voice command system will depend on the quality of the smartphone as the unit uses this rather than its own software, but it is fairly adept at announcing the correct name of the caller.

The knowledge

Model: Supertooth HD
Type: Hands-free car kit
Price: £59.99