UK motorists are more honest than ever before


UK motorists are more honest than ever before

The number of honest drivers coming forward and admitting mistakes is on the rise, according to a new study carried out by AXA car insurance.

More than 30,000 claims were analysed between 2010 and 2012 where a driver had hit a parked car.

Claims where the driver came forward following a crash to provide information were separated from those where dishonest motorists drove off without leaving any contact details.

Since 2010, the proportion of crashes where the third party was unknown (meaning that the driver whose vehicle hit a parked vehicle did not come forward) has fallen by 16 per cent.

The results also uncovered that in more than 80 per cent of cases, motorists who hit a parked car did the right thing, made themselves known to the owner and provided sufficient insurance details to cover the damage.

Amanda Edwards, from AXA car insurance, commented: "This data is remarkable. While we tend to hear horror stories of fraudsters causing deliberate accidents or faking injuries to receive a payout, the survey proves what we've always believed: that the vast majority of drivers are honest and trustworthy."

It's a good job too, as the data revealed that the average crash involving a parked car causes £762.89 worth of damage, although the insurer received claims as high as £16,500.

Amanda Edwards added: "The data highlights that not only do eight out of ten of us do the right thing and come forward after hitting a parked car, but that this proportion is on the increase. It's reassuring to see that despite facing rising costs, UK motorists are keeping their integrity."